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Do you have a portfolio? A good artist is always adding to their portfolio and they will have no hesitation in showing you what they have done. You need to look for variety in their work, as well as how dated or updated their work is. If their portfolio is all high fashion, they may not be the artist to do your wedding day. A good portfolio should have a good mix, showing variety, creativity and flexibility.

Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

Not every makeup artist specializes in Bridal or Fantasy or ethnic makeup, etc. Find out if they can. What is your makeup experience? Where were they trained, what do they predominately do and how often do they actually do makeup?

How To Become A MAC Artist- Getting A Job @ MAC

These have evolved a fair bit since I did mine as well as conducting them. Wear a different makeup look to your previous interview, I wore a heavier smokey eye with lashes and a nude lip. If you are stuck with what makeup to wear research red carpet and catwalk looks.

53 questions

You will be given a brief or asked to find out what the model acting as a customer wants for their look. This could be anything from glowing skin, smokey eyes, red lip to eyeliner. There will be a manager or trainer present to guide you with products and hygiene practices, do not be afraid to ask questions you may have don't expect to be handheld, own your time with the client.

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Make them feel beautiful and bring options over whilst keeping it simple for yourself. Try to lay the products out neatly so you can locate them easily, nerves do funny things to you and things under your nose can disappear. It can be overwhelming when you aren't familiar with over products and every colour possible. Treat it like a fluid conversation with a friend on a professional level. Be conscious of time. So focus on practising the simple beauty elements of makeup and completing them in 20 or so minutes. It's that time again, waiting for another callback.

I got my job at MAC back in At this point full-time was what I wanted and needed to live off as I had just graduated from University, however, I had my foot in the door, happy to take on overtime, work hard until more hours came available. Note, if you apply for a department store, you will require store approval meeting the beauty department manager. It is a fast-paced environment with a high volume of customers, you will mostly produce quick bespoke looks on a variety of customers. Working as a team is essential. I was 21 when I joined, a baby, it was a place where I fit in, the brand "got me", allowed me to have an abundance of piercings and tattoos on display. I had lots of nurturing when I joined with a new starter induction and shipped off to London for a week of basic training and got my silver MAC badge of honour and wore it with such pride. At basic training, I learnt the ropes foundation matching, colour theory, product knowledge and customer service with 2 fantastic trainers Robyn and Nadine.

This training was so inspiring and made me aspire to be a trainer. There are so many roles within a retail artist, product specialist, visual merchandiser, a variety of skill certifications At my basic training in London. The unbelievably talented Carly Colley introduced us to body painting. I won a global competition with a fellow workmate and dear friend Naomi and we went to Bejing, China saw masterclasses from the master Gordon Espinet and a variety of senior artists.

I applied!

A lot of the other winners also went on to amazing roles at MAC and freelance careers. Nicole Thompson and Amber Dreadon are a few names that come to mind be sure to check their work out! This was another round of hard interviews, rejection and a determination which lead to me working with the best and most inspiring manager ever- Victoria. Victoria helped me focus my creativity, hold workshops, help with basic training and apply for Resident Trainer.

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Makeup aficionados may even wish to discuss how to become a MAC representative and can ask for a list of available jobs with the company. As MAC Cosmetics uses a freephone contact number for its UK customer service department, you will be able to contact the makeup manufacturer completely free of charge from both landline and mobile phones.

If you have received a damaged makeup product then you should retain the box, packaging and all of its contents before sending your order to the MAC Cosmetics returns centre at the following UK postal address:.

Search for:. MAC Cosmetics Contact Number Contact MAC Cosmetics by calling their freephone customer service telephone number to discuss any ongoing discounts on makeup kits and brushes or to ask how to book an appointment at your nearest beauty counter. Customer Service Number — Call MAC Cosmetics on their customer service telephone number to contact a representative from the makeup manufacturer with any product enquiries.