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CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 15.3

Absolutely not. You won't be left adrift in a basic Notepad-style sea of code — CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor lets you preview what you're coding, there's FTP support for uploading files, and there's a smattering of wizard-driven tools to speed up the creation of certain elements.

Crucially for users on a budget, it's also free. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor does feel a little dated — and the same can be said of the bundled templates and themes — but there's support for HTML 5 and CSS3 so you can create modern websites providing you're willing to put in the manual time and effort.

While slightly intimidating for absolute beginners, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor offers to help you get started by giving you the choice of creating a single web page, or designing an entire site as a project. Opting for the latter makes it easy to keep all related files together, and quickly upload changes using the integrated FTP client.

Finding the right HTML editor for the Mac doesn't mean spending a lot

There are some minor annoyances, such as the fact that the free version of the program doesn't include a spell checker, and that features like the time-saving tag library are only demos. The interface isn't the prettiest thing in the world either, and offers little scope for customization. This could be what turns some people away from what is otherwise a competent design tool. The latest version of CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor adds a website spider tool, makes some adjustments to the projects FTP settings area, and fixes several minor bugs including an issue involving upper case umlauts.

A logical Website structure keeps things running smoothly and all but eliminates pesky issues like broken links. With that in mind, we designed Website Projects, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use set of tools that gives you complete control over how your Website is organized. Create a file structure that fits your needs. Use intuitive tools like toolbars, right-click menus, and keyboard shortcuts to add elements to your pages.

Creating a responsive email with RED

Create a Website that looks great and performs even better. With valid Website code, your pages display consistently in different browsers, work better with CSS, and are more accessible for handicapped users and search engines. Thats why the HTML Editor comes with three different tools to correct human error and ensure that youre using valid code.

12 Best Code Editors for Mac and Windows for Editing WordPress Files

A comprehensive Tag Reference section puts the correct tags right at your fingertips. Code Completion automatically suggests tags as you type them, preventing unclosed tags. Last but not least, a built-in validation tool allows you to check your code using W3C standards for perfectly valid pages every time.

Even the most hardcore programmer cant look at a page of code and instantly tell how its going to look in a Web browser. Want to see your page in a browser?