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  2. Install Ruby On Rails on Mac OS X Mojave | GoRails
  3. Posted on September 22, 2018 by Paul
  4. Convert Windows PC to Linux (Ubuntu)

Version Selection and Installation 1. Ruby in Version 1.

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  • Installing Homebrew.
  • Ruby on Rails Installation.

Rails 2. Mac OS X Debian 6. Ubuntu Windows - Installation of Ruby on Rails 3.

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Ruby Basics 2. Introduction 2. A Scripting Language 2. Hello World puts and print Comments Help via ri 2. Ruby is Object-Oriented Methods Classes 2.

Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X

Loops while and until Blocks and Iterators 2. Arrays and Hashes Arrays Hashes 2. Miscellaneous Range 3.

Install Ruby On Rails on Mac OS X Mojave | GoRails

First Steps with Rails 3. Redirects 3. The Rails Console 3.

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ActiveRecord 4. Taste Blood 4. Populating the Database with seeds. Searching and Finding with Queries find vs. Editing a Record Simple Editing changed? Polymorphic Associations 4. Removing a Record destroy delete 4. Transactions 4.

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Migrations Which Database is Used? Creating Index Miscellaneous Further Documentation 4. Miscellaneous Callbacks Default Values 5.

Posted on September 22, 2018 by Paul

Scaffolding and REST 5. Introduction 5.

When Should You Use Scaffolding? Example for a Minimal Project Conclusion 6. Routes 6. Introduction 6. Names of Routes :as 6. Further Information on Routes 7. Tests 7. Introduction 7. For earlier versions of Nokogiri, find instructions in the git history for this document. Note for RVM users: you may require libgmp , consider running sudo apt-get install libgmp-dev. Or build using DevKit.

Convert Windows PC to Linux (Ubuntu)

This is an advanced option you should only try if you know what you're doing. Also see more details on this advanced procedure on this nokogiri-talk thread. Alternatively, you may install the appropriate epel-release and get the Nokogiri package from EPEL using:. Install on any Linux distribution using GNU Guix , a reproducible binary software package management and distribution system. Note: source code is available here.

A short description of how Nokogiri was packaged can be found here. The official ruby-alpine Docker images are stripped of their development tools to minimize size. To install nokogiri or other gems with native extensions you'll need to install build tools again via the build-base meta-package which includes gcc and other necessities.

This is verified working on maxOS Many thanks to allaire and others for helping! Homebrew installs only the bit version of the library, but most Ruby builds are universal. This can be fixed in a couple of ways:. The most reliable way appears to be temporarily unlinking xz and relinking it during an install of nokogiri :.

The third way is to use a Homebrew-installed libxml2 , as suggested in using your system libraries. Instead you'll see an error similar to this:. A temporary workaround to allow previous releases of Nokogiri to build is to install the extra headers package mentioned in the Xcode 10 release notes:.