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You can study OpenOffice or LibreOffice and customize it to your needs, improve it, or use the code to create something completely new and release your changes to the public. What Microsoft does offer is a company that has a strong incentive to create applications that it can sell. This means its features, support, and interface need to be attractive enough for users to purchase year after year. Microsoft has built a vast pool of talented developers, a mature platform, and polished user interfaces.

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Also, by virtue of being the largest software provider in this space, there are hundreds of Microsoft Office suite experts who can help troubleshoot issues and offer tips for power users. The mandates for open-source applications also tend to be fuzzy.

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Tech-savvy programmers are not always focused on the interface or user experience. Documentation can be spotty. However, because open-source code is available to all, OpenOffice and LibreOffice are not solely dependent on their current crop of developers and corporate sponsors. Even if all those people supporting the project were to disappear, the code would still exist, and other people could pick up where they left off. Commercial products tend to keep their code secret, so if the company goes under, so does the software. That said, it is unlikely Microsoft will be unable to support its Office suite in the foreseeable future.

Office is the online software subscription version of Microsoft Office. It offers all of the tools available in the desktop version of Office and many more that are not available for download.

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Users simply have an account that gives them online access to their Office apps and the files created on those apps. Qualified nonprofits and libraries can get Office for free or at discount , depending on which plan they choose. Of course, there are benefits to a Internet-based Office as well, namely the increased ability to share documents and access them on multiple devices.

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As a result, many of the new features in the online version of Office will not be covered here. Whether open source or commercial, how do each of the three suites compare against the others? First, a little about the two open-source tools: OpenOffice and LibreOffice are very similar products. In fact, they were both built upon the same source code.

When Sun Microsystems acquired OpenOffice, and was subsequently taken over by Oracle, the community split and LibreOffice was created in parallel. The OpenOffice project has since been handed over to the Apache Foundation. Office is similar in look and feel to the previous version, which means the ribbon is still there. However, a few new usability features stand out. You just select the text and choose Smart Lookup from the Home menu.

Office also offers more targeted help. Its new Tell Me feature lets you type in a description of the feature you need and spits out links that will take you directly there. Outlook also makes it just a little easier to send a document in an email by using its Recent Documents feature. Anyone who has used Word or Excel will feel comfortable using their open-source competitors, Write and Calc, while those familiar with newer versions of Office will find them somewhat retro.

LibreOffice has worked to simplify its menus while providing finer controls for charts and images across all of its applications. However, both open-source options need Java installed to take advantage of certain features, most notably Base. In addition, both open-source suites will run on most Mac computers running OS X In order to run the new Microsoft Office on a Mac, you no longer need to subscribe to Office , as was required with Office If your IT team is small — or nonexistent — you can expect to need occasional support from other sources.

It includes official support from Microsoft, authorized support from licensed vendors and consultants, and professional call centers.

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Plus there are dozens of books and countless websites offering tips and guides for modifying, configuring, and using Office software. However, some users report difficulty getting support for Office ; Microsoft appears to be encouraging consumers to switch to the subscription-based Office Some free resources specifically for nonprofits exist, but expect such tailored support to cost more.

Support for OpenOffice and LibreOffice is community-driven and generally free, and includes documentation projects and volunteer-led discussion forums. With these open-source projects, common issues and bugs are often addressed through updates.

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In general, files created by all three suites can be read by the others, although there are caveats. In the case of Office , Microsoft has established de facto file standards such as. If you need to share files with anyone running Office or older, you may need to convert them to older formats. Microsoft offers a free utility to do this. In fact, users can choose to automatically save files in. The open-source community has invested a lot of effort in ensuring that Writer, Calc, and Impress users can share documents with Microsoft users, and has succeeded in all but a few specific cases.

These formatting problems will have to be adjusted manually. However, both OpenOffice and LibreOffice have begun to implement better support for Microsoft file formats — for example, LibreOffice has improved its utility to import. Office and its open-source competitors are also incompatible when it comes to macros or spreadsheet pivot tables. All three suites do support both features in OpenOffice and LibreOffice, pivot tables are created with a feature called Data Pilot. However, you will not be able to use macros or pivot tables created in Office with the open-source tools, or vice versa.

Interestingly, OpenOffice can open files that have been saved in substantially older versions of Microsoft Office than Office can. For an IT department, it might be worth having a copy installed for that reason alone. Finally, all three applications provide the ability to export any file as a PDF, ensuring that viewers see the document exactly as you intended. Keep in mind, compatibility issues are only relevant if documents are being passed back and forth between people using different software.

In Office , Microsoft continues the web collaboration features it introduced in Office and Office So how are we going to […]. LibreOffice 6. Obviously it is uncomfortable for rulers to have another authority capable of questioning the authority of the state.

The 8 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of

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